Project Description


Our belief at Notizza is that one-voice matters—but sadly, one voice is not always enough to prompt real change. If you want to change the world, you have to unite your voice to others, forming a true community with like-minded change makers. Notizza is all about amplifying your voice and turning your cause, issue or passion into a movement. Share the things that matter to you. Join up with others within your community. Together, make your voices heard—and make change real.


Our app was born when our Founder, Leo, heard a politician make some lofty proclamation about what the American people really want. There’s no way this person has any idea what the American people care about, Leo thought—and that idea stayed lodged in his head. Moving forward to recognizing the need for change and a bridge to communicate that change by alerting policy makers, Notizza was born.


Notizza grows into a kind of database, a place where political leaders can truly gauge what their constituents care about—and where you and your neighbors can join together to make change happen.